Providing customized financing to healthcare operators

We invest in the future of senior care

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. invests in long-term healthcare facilities to generate profitable shareholder returns and dividends while serving as a premier capital partner to our operators. We do this by offering triple-net leases and fixed-rate mortgage loans to a diverse group of healthcare operators across the U.S. and the U.K that are evaluated for quality and experience of management and creditworthiness.

We understand that when we design for a community's individual needs, we unlock the key to long-term value. That is why all of our capital programs are designed to align with the specific needs and financial goals of our operators, so they can concentrate on providing the highest level of care and comfort for their residents while also growing their business.

Our strategy nurtures long-term value creation

A proven business model

Omega's strategy wheel focuses on growth through accretive investments, continued solid dividend growth, leveraging sound corporate stewardship practices and maintaining financial strenth

Well-designed investment criteria and outlook

We have a selective investment approach. Specifically, we seek to invest in well-maintained properties with high construction quality and efficient designs/layouts located in demographically favorable locations and run by experienced and engaged operators with strong referral sources.

We are proud to be one of the first publicly traded REITs to be uniquely structured to finance the sale and leaseback, construction, which has expanded to include assisted living facilities, and renovation of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Today, we maintain a strong position in the industry and we continue to evolve to better meet the needs of a transforming market.

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We are established, experienced and diversified

  • An experienced and proven management team
  • A diversified portfolio supports consistency
  • Long leases and limited new supply improve clarity
  • A focus on quality operators who bring patient care expertise
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We deliver consistent growth, high-yield

  • Prudent fixed rent escalators support tenant durability
  • A strong dividend yield provides equity support
  • Triple-net leases reduce earnings volatility
  • High margins support superior dividend yields
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We have an anchored operating model

  • A low-cost, needs-base service offering supports security
  • A stable discharge and reimbursement environment improves resiliency
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We maintain effective balance sheet management

  • A conservative balance sheet and well-laddered debt improves stability
  • Significant liquidity provides flexibility
  • Proven access to capital markets supports predictability
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We are well positioned to capitalize on future growth

  • A growing aging population provides many opportunities
  • Leveraging existing operator relationships improves demand
  • Acquisitions and development support growth